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We've helped a lot of people create and grow their income over the years. Here are comments from a few of them.
Hi Brett,

You have given me what I wanted: actionable, tangible direction, advice, resources and next steps that I need to get up and running fast. And I'm pretty sure you saved me a few months or maybe even a whole year of effort by telling me what NOT to do out of the gate.

— Ben F.
Made me so much money
I have worked with Brett since 2008 and have always been impressed with the way he conducts business. Brett has a way of helping his clients succeed, as well as giving them the knowledge needed to succeed. I would describe Brett with the following words… integrity, creative, successful, and knowledgeable."

— Mike Sojka
Very informative and opened my eyes to some crazy ideas…. Can you hear the gerbals running in the cage??? Have a good one…

— Kathleen
They got me back up on the chair
My work with Brett was very pleasant. He always knew what he wanted and was always honest with me. Definitely an honest man with whom I would gladly work again!

— Lyubcho Kostadinov
I really like you guys; your styles are unique and entertaining, and not too overlook informative and educational.

— Curtis Toombs
I have had the fortunate opportunity of working with and knowing Brett for 5+ years and have great respect for him. I have found Brett to be creative, outgoing, positive, diligent, competitive, honest, and a self-starter. He has the ability to quickly understand a unique situation and accurately discern and implement a solution.

— Dave Rudd
Your system has brought everything together for me in a nice, neat package. Everything is laid out in simple steps that are easy to implement RIGHT AWAY. Using your system, I took ideas I have been trying to put together for 3 years and got them started in 2 WEEKS!!

— Jason Hornung
I know Brett personally and it is clear that he has a passion for his work. I have seen that passion displayed in his tireless efforts to succeed in his industry and achieve the goals he has set. I can also speak to the strength of his moral character as he is not afraid to take an intelligent stand for what he believes in.

— Nick Smith
I am so relieved you have given me the step by step process. Not only that, everything you have instructed me to do is spot on solid and very do able and achievable. I have spent numerous hours watching everything you have put together so far and although I had to give up many other activities, I am so glad I did so that I could redo my approach. And the new approach is working!

— Nicolette Farnworth
You need a team
around you
I have learned more in the last two months than I have in the last 2 years.

— Rick Heaverly
I've known Brett for many years and he is hard-working and very smart. I would recommend him to anyone."

— Jeremy Carver
At first when I got your stuff, it sounded too good to be true. I was suspicious… I'm like…WOWED with all the marketing expertise and business savvy you share with us.

After getting involved and trying some of your strategies (that were very successful) this was the best thing that could have happened to us. I'm not a natural born marketer, but that's the most important thing to being profitable!"

— Marlin Martin
Brett always impresses me with his ability to see the big picture while still having keen sight of the actionable, smaller details. Brett is also the type of person you can trust on every level — the kind of person who may start as a business contact, but quickly becomes a friend."

— Tom Richard
Ethan Kap and Brett Kitchen are brilliant marketers. I've mentored many sharp marketers, but Brett and Ethan are extra-special.

— Russ von Hoelscher
The stuff they share doesn't cost a lot to implement, but it sure works well. (They have tactics and strategies that I've never even thought of, and I've been doing this for a long time.)

— Darvin Yoder
Brett is one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In addition, he has a remarkable capability of finding solutions to problems, and the dexterity of raising the proficiency of everyone around him. I have worked with him on many projects. I readily recommend Brett to anyone looking to work with him."

— Morgan Garret
Brett and Ethan preach "over promise and over deliver," and that is exactly what they did.

The information provided is not what you will hear other places. It will challenge you to be different, and that challenge has helped me considerably. When you join this system, get it all, the information and the mindset they provide is more than worth it.

— Jim Fisher
Brett K.

“Finally! Earn extra money to get out of debt, cover your monthly bills and build your wealth…despite the recession.”

(No, I’m not talking about working ‘overtime’, getting a part-time job, ‘playing the market’ or complicated ‘internet systems’…and I’m definitely not talking about over-hyped business opportunities)

My name is Brett Kitchen…

I’m the best-selling author of Wealth Beyond Wall Street, and President and CEO of Worthland Capital.

The economy is out of control…

Massive layoffs at every turn…

Economic catastrophe’s and entire governments on the edge of collapse…

The Wall Street casino is destroying 401(k)’s as people watch their retirement dreams shattered and destroyed by a series of unrelenting crashes, one after the next.


Millions on food-stamps…

Millions of foreclosures…

Millions unemployed…

Millions living paycheck to paycheck, just one emergency away from losing it all.

As you can tell from the cover of my book with Wall Street in the trash can…I hate what Wall Street and Washington have done to our country and economy. The Wall Street propaganda machine has convinced millions to risk their hard earned savings in a casino they have no control over.

It gets worse…but I digress.

The reason for this letter is not to dwell on the disaster Wall Street and our government have created with their tax and spend policies, it’s a letter of hope.

A message that gives you complete control of your own income, regardless of your current job situation, age, or the economy.

You see, there is a “Macro” economy, that exists with trillions of dollars moving around between companies, consumers, countries, and manufacturers.

Then there is a “Micro” economy, YOUR ECONOMY, that exists within the 4 walls of your home and within your own head.

While the macro economy may continue to struggle, there is no reason that your personal economy needs to!
In fact, just the EXACT opposite is true.

You can be successful, you can increase your income, you can get out of debt, you can achieve the goals and dreams you have for yourself…

You can have the security of knowing that you aren’t going to be the next casualty of corporate downsizing, government shutdowns, or another market crash.

Immense PERSONAL POWER comes from creating YOUR OWN income and NEVER relying on someone else to control your family’s security or future.

Is It Possible To Increase My Income
In These Difficult Times?

Indeed. It is.

I’ll prove to you that difficult economic times can be the BEST time to generate your own income.
Look at a couple of these companies for example;

  • IBM was founded during the “LONG DEPRESSION” which lasted from 1873- to 1896 (23 Years!) yet it was still successful…so much so that it became one of the biggest companies in America during the 1960s.
  • GE was founded during the Panic of 1873, and has lasted over 100 years. GE posted $183 billion in revenues in 2008.
  • FedEx was founded during the oil crisis of 1973, 
  • Hyatt Hotel chain was formed during the Eisenhower recession.
  • Other major companies that started during depressions or major recessions are Burger King, IHOP, Microsoft, CNN News network, Trader Joe’s, Sports Illustrated, and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

You might be saying, yeah, but those are huge companies, not just individuals. But the truth is they were started by individuals who were looking for a way to increase their income. I’ll show you some smaller scale examples in just a second…

It’s a fact that consumers don’t stop spending during recessions or depressions, they just look for better deals.

The people who thrive during depressions Is that they don’t let the ‘depressing news media’ kill their goals and dreams, and instead they act like there is nothing wrong and people have money to spend.

I know what it’s like to not have
enough (or any!) money.

I was the second child, born to parents living in a garage converted to make-shift studio apartment during the Carter Recession. (Double digit interest rates, double digit inflation, huge unemployment.)

My parents worked hard starting a business and made it through those tough times.

When I got married to my beautiful wife, Tiffani, we had nothing. We were young, just out of college and stone broke. (I spent my last savings on a small ring for my wife and we went on a lousy honeymoon to a Best Western motel. Looking back on it now, I don’t know what I was thinking!)

After the wedding I started a very difficult ‘commission only’ sales job.

...Our first Christmas married my check was $347…for the whole month.

We had practically no food in the cold and drafty house (the house had 2 fireplaces and terrible windows so the wind blew right through the whole house.)

We drove our 1980, light blue Caprice Classic to 7-11 and used the money my grandmother had given us for Christmas earlier that day, to buy pizza pockets for Christmas dinner.

We ate the pizza pockets and my wife cried on the phone to her parents. It was a very difficult time for us.

Over the years, like my father, I’ve worked hard to build a business that supports my wife and (now 3) kids.

In fact, I’ve always wanted to be successful financially…ever since I was a kid. But I knew better than to ask my dad for it. (No way was I getting an allowance from him!)

I wanted the American dream of wealth and financial security!

Like most kids I had the lemonade stand on the side of the road, but that was just the beginning…

Dumpster Diving For An Extra Buck?

I would go dumpster diving to find aluminum cans I could recycle, buy bubble gum in bulk and resell it piece by piece to my friends, mow lawns (to this day I remember the guy who stiffed me $40 when I drive by his business!) I would also wake up at the crack of dawn to deliver newspapers to earn extra money.

Then we went big time. I started to manufacture my own taffy and cinnamon sticks, to sell to my friends at school.

His Lip Blew Up To The Size Of A Mushroom!

At one point I had a nice little cinnamon stick business going. I’d soak toothpicks in cinnamon extract for about a minute, and sell them for $.25.

That was going good, until…

…my friend Brian made a special order. He wanted the cinnamon stick soaked overnight. I didn’t know if it was a good idea, but he offered to pay double.

So I did it.

Turns out Brian’s lips couldn’t take the heat.

After sucking on the ultra-powerful stick, his lip blew up to the size of a mushroom.

His mom called mine and business was shut down instantly.

“I Can Help You Because Making Money Is In My Blood”

My father has owned a successful manufacturing business for the past 35 years, my grand-father is a real estate investor and ranch owner.

My great grandfather owned a painting business. It keeps going back generation after generation to my great, great, great, great grandfather Francis who had a clockmaking shop on Jersey Island in England before he came across the great wide ocean to the USA.

I started my first business the month before getting married, and about 3 months before 9-11 terrorist attacks.

The economy and markets crashed, and times were tough. But through hard and more importantly, SMART work, I was successful.

Always the entrepreneur, several years later I decided to start a second and ultimately a third business.

Over the past 10 years my business partner and I have created 3 businesses from scratch (with no ‘venture capital’ or ‘investors’) each doing over 1 million dollars a year in sales.

Despite the crash after 9-11, the market crash of 2008 and 2011, our businesses continue to grow.

We have coached hundreds of people on our 3 step process we’ve learned over the years, to help increase their own personal incomes.

The reason I share this with you is not to brag, rather to show that I have a lot of experience in helping people generate additional income.

And, if you have the DESIRE to make more money, I believe I can do the same for you.

If you could use an extra $500 to $5000 in
monthly income, I can help you.

Whether you are a business owner, currently have a full time job, or are unemployed…

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, stay at home mom or high school drop-out…

Whether you are male, female, young or old…none of that matters.

If you want to increase your own personal income by another $500 to $5000 per month…I can help you.

But first I want you to understand this…

You DO NOT have to have a business to increase your income.

This process works for people of ALL ages, income levels, experience and skill sets.

All you have to do is follow our very specific 3 step process, we’ve proven over and over and over again, to increase your income.


Before you get any ideas about what this is, first let me tell you what it is not…

  • This is NOT about Multi-Level Marketing. (I personally can’t stand network or multilevel marketing.)
  • It’s NOT a  ‘business opportunity’ or ‘get rich quick’ scheme. (I don’t believe in ‘get rich quick’. Making money takes effort, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it!)
  • It’s NOT asking your friends and family to buy products or programs. (Friends and family are for love and support, not for financing business ventures.)

After my own personal experiences for the past decades and in working with hundreds of others to build their personal income, my partner and I have developed 3, just three simple steps that ANYONE can do to increase their income.

I’m not talking about becoming a millionaire (although that is possible) I’m just talking about making a little extra money to help pay the bills, pay off the credit cards, or put some money in savings.

Let me show you some a few  REAL LIFE stories of people who’ve done exactly that:


TRUE STORY: Mark Rusty

Mark started as a manufacturing plant manager. He has no big name college degree, suffers from dyslexia and admittedly isn’t terribly ‘book smart’.

One day his neighbor asked him to help build a small project.

After another neighbor saw it and was impressed. He asked Mark to build him one as well.

Mark saw the writing on the wall and started building a few more. He sold them using FREE classified sites like Craigslist.

He made about $2000 in the first month.

Over the next several months his sales increased to $10,000…and last month he just hit $100,000 in a single month!

This was crucial because the manufacturing company’s sales dropped by 70-80% during the crash of 2008, and his side business has literally saved them.

TRUE STORY: Tristi Pinkston Tristi Pinkton

Tristi is a stay at home mom with several children. Her husband works hard but with food and other costs rising (plus older kids getting more expensive), she decided to start doing some freelancing using a skill she hadn’t used for years.

She gets clients through referrals and free ads she puts up.

She makes hundreds of dollars every month and uses it to help cover groceries, but most importantly her family has had some serious medical issues come up recently.

Unfortunately her insurance doesn’t cover the cost of the treatment, but because she is able to make extra money she can get her children the care they need.

Imagine the desperation you would feel if your kids needed medical treatment but you couldn’t afford it.

Tristi has the POWER of creating income to take care of  her kids medical bills because she’s amplified her income.

TRUE STORY: Mike Denison
Mike Denison

Mike went the traditional route of getting a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in college.  He got a job and realized after a few years that he wanted to make more money.

His boss wasn’t going to give him a raise, and he realized he could add an extra $500-$1000 doing freelance work.

He started doing some side jobs and soon got so busy that he quit his 9 to 5 and is making more than double what he was before.

Mike works from home on his deck in his flip flops and shorts, spends whatever time he wants with his wife and kids, and enjoys the exciting life of generating his own income.

TRUE STORY: Jonathan Mizel
Jonathan Mizel

Jonathan was an insurance broker, $30,000 in debt and hated the selling.

He started a small business on the side. After 3 years he was making a profit, he paid off his debts and quit!

For the past 17 years he’s worked from home…in fact he’s now buying a home in Hawaii.

In his words…

“The best question is to ask, what I don't have in my life now…I don’t have stress. I don’t fight with my wife. I never worry about money, ever.”

TRUE STORY: Owen Fuller
Owen Fuller

Owen came into the job market at the wrong time…The Great Recession of 2008. Finding any job was tough, finding a good paying job; virtually impossible.

Instead of mooching off mom and dad, he decided to get creative. He found a major problem small business owners have, and instead of asking him to hire him full time, which they couldn’t afford, he now has over a dozen clients who pay him to be an outsourced marketing expert.

Owen has the TRUE security knowing that he generates his own income. He’s not at the mercy of a boss or corporation for a raise or a paycheck. He controls his financial future.

TRUE STORY: Jeremy Frandsen
Jeremy Frandsen

Jeremy had what he thought was a dream job. He was a video editor for Hollywood movie productions. He met movie stars and was even in some movies as an ‘extra’.

But reality soon hit. Jeremy realized that 16 hours a day behind a computer was not the life he wanted.

He started a small side project on the weekends using the internet to sell products online.

Soon he was making more selling his products than he was making working the rat race grind!

Now Jeremy picks up his kids from school, works from home 20-30 hours per week, is totally out of debt, and is stock piling cash in his bank account.

He is the first one in his family to be totally financially secure, and now instead of worrying about his job, he worries about where he’s going on his afternoon walk every day.

TRUE STORY: Tom and Samantha

Tom had a good gig before the economy tanked.

He made good money, and his wife wanted to make a little cash on the side.

She started a simple business, one that ANYONE can do. It didn’t require a college degree, any specialized training of any kind, or much investment. (Once you hear what she’s doing you’ll be able to copy her and start making money within hours!)

Trying to be smart investors, they had purchased some rental properties when things were going well.

When the real estate market crashed, Tom lost his job and they lost several renters in their investment properties.

By this time Samantha’s business was generating so much income that Tom went to work with her, because jobs were so hard to find.

Together they now generate enough income to cover their own bills and mortgage, plus all of the other rental properties they have!

Considering they could have lost their home, displaced their children with an embarrassing foreclosure, and ruined their marriage…

Samantha’s business was not only a good idea, it literally SAVED their home and their entire financial future.

TRUE STORY: Stay At Home Mom Earns Monthly Car Payment.
Tiffani & Joshua

(This hits a little close to home…because it’s my wife!)

Before Tif had kids she was as a full time massage therapist. She likes being productive, so after Joshua was born she wanted to do something.

She devised a plan to make an extra $400 bucks a month…from home.

In 1 afternoon Tiffani wrote up a door hanger (which you get a copy of), passed it out and within 2 days she had 8 clients paying her a total of $480 per month…EVERY MONTH.

Even more importantly, Tiffani is able to stay home and take care of our (now 3) children.

For us, no extra money can ever compare to the joy we have with our kids.

TRUE STORY: Thayne Ritter

Thayne is a full time employee working a government job. He enjoys his job, he just doesn’t make as much money as he’d like.

Thayne decided to amplify his income by doing a little  ‘moonlighting’ in his community.

With his extra income he saves for retirement, pays for family vacations, and covers unexpectedly expenses.

The vacations he’s able to take his family on create priceless memories that make him proud to be able to pay for.

TRUE STORY: Steve Carton

Steve is a radio personality for the morning show. He goes to work at 4:00 a.m. and gets off  at 10:30 in the morning.

Being a military man when he was younger he learned how to work hard and sitting around the house all afternoon was not his style.

He needed something else to keep him busy for the rest of the day. So he started a small side business in his afternoons with his son. Together they make an extra $2500-$3000 per month, helping his son pay for college.

Plus, perhaps even more importantly, they’ve developed a great bond and relationship by working together as father and son.

Learned a lot of things
I have been around the block when it comes to "business building information". So many "Gurus‟ professing they have the answer to all my problems. I've spent thousands on packages and consultants that promise big results. And almost always I'm disappointed, and ticked that I wasted money on more junk. But this time it was different.

Most of my advertising and marketing efforts have fallen flat until I implemented a few of Brett and Ethan's strategies.

I have never found better content and strategies than what Brett and Ethan share. (And that's saying a lot, I promise I've seen it all.) I have a very extensive marketing background, yet I find myself learning and implementing tons of great strategies. I'm all about results. The most important thing, is that it really works. Last week we had the highest sales we've ever had in a 3 day period of time. This program couldn't have come at a better time.

— Allen Smith
I couldn't believe the great advice and strategies I learned. I mean it was like a whole new world to me. Things I had never thought of before were brought to my attention.

— Neil Martin
I just wanted to take the time to sincerely thank all of you for helping me get my business to where it is right now. Let me give a quick preface: I have enjoyed playing golf competitively for the last 20+ years, learned to play around 7 or 8 yrs. old but it wasn't my favorite sport until graduating from H.S. at 17….anyway in Sept. of 2005 which was when I met my girlfriend that I'm still with now-I told her I was not going to play golf again until I got my business where I wanted, basically for 3 yrs. it was like banging my head against the wall because I was working harder & longer than ever before but not making any progress or any more money, well, I started back playing in June of this year thanks to joining you guys in January of 2009.

Bottom line, after 6 months of implementing your stuff & working very hard it has paid off) 2 great things have happened, 1 is I have been able to spend a lot less time generating & closing business. 2 by being able to work a lot less hours on generating sales while effectively increasing income especially when you equate it out to time spent per client, I have been able to reallocate that time to more profitable endeavors-such as building systems to grow & make my business even more profitable. I can't tell you how relieved I am to be making more money while working about 20 less hours than before (I'm not joking) I now spend 90% of my time working on automating my biz even more & 10% of my time closing sales…it's ridiculous!

— Jeff Futrell
Smartest thing you've
ever done
If there were PIT BULLS of INFO MARKETING, they'd be them!

On short order they'd gone from ZERO to a MILLION dollars. But they didn't sit back and count their chickens at that point. Instead they plowed ahead at WARP SPEED and set out to make their SECOND MILLION (third and on...). The amazing thing about Ethan and Brett? COMBINED I don't think they're barely my age! Heck, I just turned 50 this year! Congratulations to what I'm certain will prove to be two of the Info-Marketing World's most Powerful Forces of Nature... Brett and Ethan!

— Dr. Tom "The Gems Guy" Orent
I've met thousands of entrepreneurs over the years ... BUT NOBODY LIKE BRETT AND ETHAN.

These guys are amazing! First, anyone who can go from $0 to over $1,000,000 a year in continuity income .... is incredible! But to do this in A MARKET THAT THEY HAVE NO PRIOR AFFINITY WITH -- TO MY KNOWLEDGE HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! In all my years, I have NEVER seen anything like this. I was SHOCKED when I heard what they were doing... but then I spent a few minutes with them and INSTANTLY understand WHY they were able to do it... THEY'RE BRILLIANT!

— T.J. Rohleder
Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, AKA 'The Traffic Guys,' are very impressive young marketers and businessmen. We've personally witnessed them create a million dollar+ business, from scratch, in just 12 months. Every time we have the opportunity to speak with them, they've uncovered some new miracle method for attracting and converting customers. They've become one of our secret sources of invaluable information when it comes to promoting our own info-marketing business."

— Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller
Killing The Devil On My Shoulder

I know it may be difficult to see yourself increasing your income. So many questions about how to do it, and where to start.

While reading this you’ve probably already had doubts creep in saying “I don’t think that will work for me.”

Am I right?

I felt the same way when I got started. “Is this really going to work” I would secretly ask myself.

It reminds me of  the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” I watched when I was a kid.

Whenever Tom, the cat, was about to do something to the mouse, a good angel would pop up on his shoulder and tell him not to do it.

But then, like clockwork, the devil would show up and tell him “GO! Do It! Don’t listen to the angel, just go get that mouse!”

Years ago I had the same devil on my shoulder telling me I couldn’t do it.

I was timid, shy and a loner.

I thought playing basketball would make me ‘popular’.  I practiced a lot and whenever I missed a shot, the devil on my shoulder would tell me “You suck!” “You’ll never be any good!”

Unfortunately, I listened to the devil of self-sabotage and I was miserable for a long time. He convinced me that I was a loser and I believed that for many years.

God Doesn’t Make Junk

One day I had a coach tell me he believed I could be the best player on the team, but I had to believe in myself.

He told me “God doesn’t make junk. You have great potential, you just have to believe it!”

I realized my failures were because I was listening to the devil of self doubt and it was destroying my life.

Once I learned that God doesn’t make junk…he gives us INCREDIBLE potential, the ability to achieve great things and break boundaries…

…it gave me new life.

I determined that I wasn’t going to let my fears and past failures determine my future. I was going to achieve the dreams I had for myself and my life.

I was not going to live a life of insignificance.

At that point everything changed for me.

I realized that I could make a great income. I didn’t have to SETTLE. I controlled my own future.

I went on to win a State Basketball Championship and I will forever be indebted to my mentor and coach who showed me I could do it.

The reason I tell this personal story is because when I work with clients many of them feel  ‘they can’t do it’, or they feel like ‘it won’t work for me’.

I’m here to tell you, YOU can do it, if you are willing to try. That’s all it takes.

I will take you by the hand and show you how we’ve done it, even during these tough economic times, but even more importantly…

So here is exactly what you get in the 3 Step Amplify Your Income System…
The 3 Simple Steps To Amplify Your Income
Income Amplifier
Step 1: Finding Your ‘Money Skill’

Let me start by saying this:

I firmly believe that anyone who has the desire to increase their income

can do it, by simply following these 3 steps.

…and it’s not as hard as it might sound. (As you saw from our huge list of success stories already.)

even if you think you have NO skills at all, we’ll take you by the hand, and walk you through the process of creating income.


Many people have hidden money skills right in front of their noses, and I’ll show you how to turn those into money, each and every month.

In step 1 you get the money skills fill in the blanks “Idea Incubator” TEMPLATE: This fill in the blanks template includes over 250 ways to amplify your income, and we walk you through the process of finding the right one for you.
Just go down the list and highlight the Amplifier Options that make sense to you.

 (You’ll be shocked at all the different ways you could make money.)

What's REALLY exciting about these options is that these people are actually SEEKING you out. They want to pay you! You don't even have to go looking for customers, they come to you.

Once you’ve found your Money Skill the next step is to make some cash as quickly as possible…

Step 2: Get Started Making
Money Fast…for FREE.

The biggest question I get from clients is “How much is it going to cost to get going.”

A good question. You may have heard the old saying “You have to spend money to make money.” Luckily, that’s DEAD WRONG.

As you’ll see in my book Wealth Beyond Wall Street, I’m not a big fan of conventional wisdom.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to grow your income. I’ll prove it to you in this module.

In fact, I show you exactly how to get started without spending a dime on getting clients!

(This is very important to me because I want your INCOME to increase, not your expenses.)

The second question I get is “How fast can I see results.”

Here’s the answer: You can literally make money within 24 hours
following the system.

Most people take a little longer, usually a week or so. (But sheesh, 7 days to amplify your income is STILL pretty great isn’t it?)

HOWEVER, if you follow the steps, it may surprise you on how fast you start to make money. I’ve already shown you that people are doing this all the time...

…but it’s up to you. The faster you do the 3 steps, the faster you’ll see the dollars roll in.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • “FAST PROFITS” Do you want to increase your income within the next 24 hours? This process shows you EXACTLY how to do that…make money fast.
  • “FREE CLIENTS” Why spend money if you don’t have to? I’ll show you how to get paying customers or clients without spending a dime.
  • “GET PAID” Want to get paid? Of course. Use these 3 simple solutions we share with you that you can have set up in just minutes to take credit cards, or check transfers!
Step 3: Amplify Your Income With
Monthly Residual Income

I love monthly, residual income.

All 3 of the million dollar businesses I’ve built have been using the foundation of residual income.

It’s simple really…

If you have to make a sale every day to create income, then you’re always under the gun. Why not make a sale once, and have that customer pay you over and over again.

In this section you’ll learn the simple ‘residual’ business models that allow you to make money each month--whether it’s through services you perform or products that are sold regularly.

Here you’ll get the proven steps to bring a constant flow of willing buyers to you so you don’t have to ‘hard sell’ or anything crazy like that.

Just follow the process we give to you for creating a great Client Magnet and you’ll be surprised at how easily people come to you.

(This process is the EXACT system we use to generate ‘auto pilot sales’. In fact, just last Saturday while I was watching my favorite college football team, I made about $790 in sales. I thought that was pretty neat.)

In this module you’ll learn:

  • “Paint By Numbers” The client attraction formula that virtually guarantees you will attract new clients and customers to you.
  • “The Fat Dog” How to get attention, and build trust and likability all at once. (In today’s skeptical world, THIS is essential.)
  • How YOU can use Donald Trumps, Richard Bransons and Wendy’s (yes, the burger joint!) secret to becoming a money magnet. (If there was only one skill I could use to build a business THIS would be it.)
  • The number 1 sin of getting customers. (Violate this sin and your chances of success are seriously decreased.)

Imagine what happens in your life once you’ve Amplified Your Income. You can pay off debt, save for a rainy day, go out on a date night without feeling guilty, take the family on great vacations, or have that romantic getaway you’ve always wanted…


Once I Amplified my Income I saw a whole list of benefits…without being to descriptive here, one of the biggest was a dramatically improved love life.

Irreverent as it may seem, in my ‘first life’ as I got started in the business world I was struggling and always worried about money.

I would often argue with my wife about finances late at night. We’d have the calculator out crunching the numbers trying to balance the family budget. (You and I, we don’t get government bailouts.)

Needless to say, arguing about money, being worried about work, feeling guilty about not making the money you want, does not create the ideal love life between you and your spouse.

In fact, it’s proven that money problems are one of the leading causes for the destruction of marriages and families.


BUT…once the money is rolling in, you’re energized about your work, it’s fun and enjoyable, and you aren’t feeling sick to your stomach or fighting about finances, everyone is a lot happier.  And it makes home life a lot more...shall we say…lively.

But that’s not all, I’ve also included
“The Missing Chapter”

Almost all of the business books and trainings I’ve gone through over the past decade, leave out what I consider to be the most important part of the puzzle and that is…

Keeping Your Money Safe From
The Enemies Of Wealth

It’s not only about how much you make, but how much you keep.

Please do NOT make this mistake…

Imagine for a minute…

You are walking up the drive way to your house.

You just made an extra $1000 this month. You are excited thinking of all the things you could do with that extra money…

…right then 4 thugs just pull up and surround you,

“Hand it over or I’ll put a bullet in your head” they scream.

You have no choice! You hand it over and they get in the black SUV and take off, tires screeching...

“Phew, that was close!” At least you got away with your life right?

Next month you work hard and earn a extra $1000…again.

Just as you are walking into the house, the same 4 low life thugs show up, this time with more guns and a bigger car…

“Hand it over” they demand.

You hand it over again…but at that moment you ask yourself…

“Why The Heck Am I Making Extra Money If
I Don’t Get To Keep It?”

This is EXACTLY what can happen to you if you don’t learn How to Defeat The Enemies of Wealth.

In this module, I’ll show you what I’ve learned over the past decade about how to protect & KEEP your hard earned money.

This is the REAL income amplifier because if you follow these simple steps I can promise you there will come a day when instead of you -- out working for your money -- your money will outwork you.

This is what we call financial freedom. And it’s yours for the taking.

In this module you will discover:

  • The 4 money KILLERS, and how to systematically defeat every single one.
  • “Your NEVER WORK AGAIN NUMBER” (Do you know the day you can stop working…forever? Now you will.)
  • “The Heart Breaker Story” How one mistake has a 75 year old woman on her hands and knees scrubbing floors at Arby’s every day.
  • Albert Einstein’s secret to multiplying your wealth.
  • How to say goodbye to Fat Cat bankers and credit card companies…forever!
  • “3’s Company?” There are ONLY 3 ways to invest your money, learn which is best for you.
  • 6 Figure Income for LIFE? How it is possible to create a passive, tax free, 6 Figure income you can count on for the rest of your life. (It’s not a business, not a government plan or pension plan.)
  • How to turn your new, extra income into a massive retirement that can provide income for the rest of your life!
  • The 8 MUST have criteria for the “Perfect” wealth plan. (Hint, remember how fond we are of residual income? It’s ALL about INCOME, not just a fat nest egg you can’t access!)
  • The amazing discovery that allowed us to sleep well at night no matter what the stock market or economy is doing.
  • The one deadly mistake that will DEVASTATE your ‘extra’ income if you aren’t careful. (Brian made this mistake and it cost him $15,000 and a full 6 months of extra work!)
  • What The Titanic, Sir Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy all have in common…and how it affects your wealth.
Make Extra Income In 24 Hours…Starting Now!

This step by step process to AMPLIFY YOUR INCOME comes in 6 audio trainings that you have instant access to.

The reason you get instant access is because I want you to start making money as soon as possible…even within 24 hours. (Yes, it IS possible to see extra income within the next 24 hours.)

Plus, you can download them to your ipod, mp3 player or phone so you can go over the content wherever you are.

You’ll also receive the accompanying PDF Amplifier Workbook with templates, fill in the blank starters, and the Idea Incubator –All For FREE - so you can get going as quickly as possible.

The training and tools you get in the audio and PDF Amplifier Workbook is worth its weight in gold. It single handedly will transform your income and quality of life if you use it.

However, I wanted to make sure you have more than enough tools to succeed, so I’m including some major bonuses.

If I sold each of these bonuses alone, I would charge $49 each for the audio trainings and $199 for the template package.

…but you are getting them ALL for free by ordering today. (That’s $444.00 in FREE bonuses)

Get These Free Bonuses For Acting Fast

Audio Bonus #1: From Freelance To Freedom (Value: $49)

This is one of the best trainings (and success stories) you’ll ever hear on how and why, you should consider freelancing.

In the first audio bonus you’ll discover:

  • The number 1 reason more people aren’t successful with freelancing. (Now you can avoid this major error when getting started.)
  • Where to start to get clients who willingly pay you…NOW.
  • Why trades like plumbers, mechanics, contractors, interior design, hair-styling, massage therapists, and anyone who can do anything with their hands…have a HUGE opportunity…and can easily make an extra $1000 per month without spending a dime.
  • How to turn your passion for music into dinero. (This is SO easy you’ll love it. And it’s not just about ‘teaching lessons.”)
  • How skilled professionals like writers, lawyers, and accountants can easily get more clients.
  • The Bias against ‘corporate jobs’.  The new economy now has a bias against big institutions, and instead WANTS to outsource to skilled people who work from home. This is great news for folks who start by working out of our basement (or in my case, my kids bedroom!)

Once you hear this training you’ll be inspired by a man who now works from home, is debt free, and lives a life most people only dream of.

Audio BONUS #2: Free Classified Gold Mine (Value: $49)

If you have access to a computer you can make money, and this story proves it.  (The fact that you are reading this right now tells me you can!)

On this bonus training you’ll see how to turn virtually anything into a profit, even if you don’t manufacture it or have any special skills.

PLUS, it won’t cost you a dime to get buyers because of the tricks you’ll learn to attracting buyers to you like bees to honey.

In this bonus you’ll discover:

  • The 15 minutes that makes over $100,000 in sales every month.
  • How to get started selling a product (if you don’t have one now).
  • “Craigslist Hot-Spots” The 2 most important locations to place your ads. (Focus on these two areas and you’ll maximize your time…and results!)
  • “Inventors Workshop” Don’t have a product or service to offer right now? Never fear, you’ll learn how to turn an everyday product into your own proprietary invention in just 24 hours, and start making sales immediately.
  • Use THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL tool you have in your arsenal. If you really want to amplify your income, just follow this simple 2 step process to get people excited about giving you their money!
Audio BONUS #3 Going Green the old way…and Getting GREEN-backs. (Value: $49)

Discover how just a little work and a simple idea that virtually ANYONE can do turns into an extra several thousand dollars per month.

No special knowledge or skills required. No quitting your day job, no investment required.

Learn how with just the tools in your shed or garage you can finance your retirement!

Audio Bonus #4 The Internet Business Lifestyle (Value: $49)

Has the idea of living on the beach in Hawaii, working from home with the warm breeze flowing through your hair, ever crossed your mind?

If so then this bonus will BLOW you away.

Some of the most profound money making training I’ve ever shared shows you how it’s possible to build an income, with no strings attached, so you can work and live where-ever you want.

WARNING: I didn’t say it will happen overnight. It won’t, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

But, if you do what you learn here, you can create the lifestyle and income you only imagined in your dreams.

In this bonus you’ll learn about the single most profitable products to sell, and how to create a lifetime of residual income.

Audio Bonus #5 Stay At Home Mom Makes Money…FAST! (Value: $49)

How a 26 year old mother with just a high school diploma spent about 50 minutes and generated $420- $500 per month in additional income, by SIMPLY following this model. (You’ll get the exact templates she used to make it happen.)

Bonus #6 Income Amplifier Alumni Certificate (Value: $29)

After you complete the Income Amplifier Training in 30 days you will become an Income Amplifier Alumni.
As an Alumni member you’ll receive a certificate of completion mailed to you, additional bonuses, and be included with other alumni members.

Bonus #7 ($199 Value)

I’ve always liked shortcuts.

Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already figured it out?

That’s exactly why I’m including this template package. I want to give you every advantage possible to amplify your income and nothing’s faster than just “Cut and Paste” templates. So here’s what you get…

  • The 32 Powerful Attention getters that allow you to make your business stand out above the competition.
  • 7 Actual plug and play templates you can use to get new clients immediately. (Use these on classified sites, flyers, websites, door hangers, or ads.)
  • “Am I Boring You?” Use these copy and paste FASCINATION templates to grab your clients attention and get them excited about buying from you.
“But, I don’t have time for this. I’m already too busy!”

I understand.

We all lead very busy lives. I have a wife, 3 kids, and 2 businesses. I’m writing 3 new books, I’m active in our non-profit children’s financial literacy foundation, and do regular videos for our TV Show.

Being ‘too busy’ won’t be an excuse that will stop you because…

I’m not talking about spending hours every day working on this.

You don’t have ruin your Saturdays and holidays either…I’ll show you how in 15 minutes a day you can change your life by bringing in HUNDREDS of extra dollars per month.

HOWEVER, on the topic of time,  here’s what I’ve found in my own life…

Billionaires, the middle-class and people living below the poverty line ALL have the same 24 hours in the day. It’s not really about how much time we have, it’s what we do with our time.

We always spend our time doing what is MOST important to us.

The SCARY STATISTIC that Keeps People Poor

If you want to see why more people aren’t making money, HERE IT IS: The 2010 Bureau of Labor statistics show Americans spend 5.8 hours a day watching TV, socializing and surfing the web!

5.8 hours a day watching TV and surfing the web?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t take time to relax. But I personally know many people who complain about being ‘too busy’, then spend every night watching trashy, mind-rotting TV shows or aimlessly surfing the internet & Facebook like zombies.

If you aren’t willing to spend at least 15 a few minutes a day to change your life, then I’m sorry, but is isn’t for you. Remember; “We always have time for that which is most important”

“So…How Much Is This ALL Worth?”

Now that you have the step-by-step process for generating an extra $500 to $5000 per month, every month for the rest of your life…

…plus, you have the extra bonuses, Amplifier Workbook and Cut and Paste templates, how much is it all worth?

Just the 6 hours of audio training…at our member rate of $300 per hour (we really do charge $300 per hour.)…would add up to $1500…

One of our coaching programs with 187 members; costs $5000 per year.

Over the past decade my business partner and I have invested over $500,000 on our education and testing to prove this process out. That money invested now actually makes us over 1 million dollars per year in sales.

But a million dollars for me probably doesn’t mean much to you

What’s probably more important for you (and should be) is how much will it make you?

Here’s the ugly truth…

…I can’t guarantee you’ll make a dime. 

The reason I can’t promise that because the majority of people are okay being mediocre.

The average Joe in the ‘mediocre majority’ doesn’t actually take action, so he never sees results.

I hope you are NOT OKAY being “average” or part of the mediocre majority. Because if you actually do something, and take some action, I KNOW you will can easily make an extra $500 to $5000 per month…and hopefully much more.

So how much is it worth if this system just generates an extra $100 per month for you over the next 12 months? (You can easily triple this, but I like to be conservative J.)

That’s easy math, this training is easily worth $1200…

…my partner, Ethan, initially wanted to charge $999.00 for the program, because it’s clearly worth it.

But I want you to see a return on your investment FAST.  In fact, I want you to make all your money back in the first 30 days. So I SLASHED the price…A LOT.

Plus, you’ve recently purchased a copy of our book, and we like to reward our customers, so for a limited time you can get everything for just $194.

And to make it even easier for you we’ve broken it up into two easy payments of $24.95!

You’ll be able to pay for this entire investment within the first 30 days and then everything after that is GRAVY.

 To grab your copy of the Income Amplifier Click INSTANT ACCESS Button Now…

Instant Access
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The Income Amplifier is backed by our famous 100%  no-questions, no shenanigans, 30 day Money Back guarantee.

If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this training, bonuses and templates aren’t right for you, just email us at any time within 30 days, and we’ll buy it back from you for exactly what you paid PLUS… I’ll insist you keep all my bonus gifts just for giving The Income Amplifier a fair evaluation.

That's 30 full days to put us to the test, use the information, put it to work and stake your claim to success and all the risk is on us!

…and don’t worry, we don’t play games with refunds. We are in the business of creating long term client relationships. In fact, listen to this testimonial from someone who needed a refund from us.

So now that you can see that you risk nothing by grabbing the Income Amplifier, there’s no reason not to give it a shotif you have the desire to increase your income.

If you are already totally content with your income, if you are totally out of credit card, cars and mortgage debt and have all the savings for retirement you could want, then congratulations, you probably don’t need this training…

However, if that is not you, then adding an extra $500 to $5000 per month will help you…A LOT.

You CAN do it.  It’s not hard. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

I have shown hundreds of folks how to increase their incomes quickly, without risk, and without the heavy lifting of ‘creating a business’ or anything like that!

Just use the 3 proven steps and the copy and paste templates (that are yours free for acting today), and you can make additional income in just 24 hours from now.

Imagine your life without worrying or fighting over money, eliminate forever the crushing pressure of debt payments, and most importantly ENJOY the things you’ve always wanted to give to yourself and your family.

You can do it, and I look forward to helping you Amplify Your Income. Get started by clicking the INSTANT ACCESS button today.

Instant Access
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I Understand that I pay just $24.95 today(2nd payment in 30 days) for instant access to Income Amplifier with 14 Income Boosting Templates & Trainings FREE!

I have read and agreed to the above terms..

And remember... The Income Amplifier is backed by our famous 100% no-questions, no shenanigans, 30 day Money Back guarantee.

 Brett Kitchen And Ethan Kap

P.S. If you want to increase your income by $500 to $5000  EVERY MONTH, I can show you how to do it.  I’ve PROVEN to you the true stories on this page, and all the testimonials you can see here as well. It is possible and YOU can do it.

P.P.S. I eat steak either way...

Here is the cold hard truth, I eat steak tonight no matter what choice you make. Let me explain…in the grand scheme of things, my financial position will not be effected much by your decision to get this system. My kids will still go to the college they choose, my wife will buy the clothes she wants, and I'll go water skiing at the lakes I like.

However, your life could be changed dramatically by this training, and I hope it is. I know what it’s like to wonder where the next dollar is coming from, and it ain’t fun. Learning what I share in this training may be worth its weight in gold to you

 P.P.P.S. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions I get:

Q:I don’t know how to run a business.

A: The good news is that you don’t’ have to ‘run a business.’ All you are doing is some freelance work, or selling a simple product and people are giving you a check.

On one of the trainings you hear how simple and magical it is to ‘send an invoice, and get a check’.

Q:I can’t do it. I’ve tried before and failed.

A: In one of my darkest hours, a great mentor told me “Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

I’ve failed…a lot. My brother actually made fun of me with all my business ventures that went south.

BUT…I kept at it, and it’s paid off with a National Best Selling Book and million dollar business.

So…don’t let past failures ruin your enthusiasm for the future. You CAN do it and we can help you.

Q:Do I have to quit my job?

A: No. You don’t have to change anything you are doing now…in fact I wouldn’t recommend quitting your job until you are firmly set. Just follow the steps to increase your income on the side for now.

Q: I don’t have any skills that I can make money with.

A: 2 answers to this one.

1st, The great thing about this training is that you don’t need skills to make it work. All you need is the DESIRE. I’ll show you how to increase your income with no special skills at all.

2nd, With the idea incubator you’ll discover over “250 money skills”, which will draw out skills you didn’t know you had to make money with.

Q: Is this just a trap to buy more stuff?

A: Absolutely not. As I told you before, we have been in business for a decade and are more interested in long term clients than making a quick dollar. This training is chock full of everything you need to succeed. (And I even show you how to amplify your income for free!)

Instant Access
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